Hey, I am Darlin De La Cruz

I believe that life is an art your decisions are the pencil that design the destiny of your life,
Throughout my life, I have experienced a lot of ups and downs,
but it
was necessary to strengthen my character and understand that my
future is up to me, and truth be told, I'm in love with who l am today.

More About Me


A group of experienced professionals with diverse skill sets. The CEO, who also serves as the director, brings leadership and strategic vision to the agency. 

Together, this team has the potential to create compelling video content that resonates with audiences and achieves your clients’ marketing goals.

  • Darlin De La Cruz: CEO / creative Director
  • Javier Fortuna: Digital Marketing
  • Ysasha Guzman: writing
  • Bryan Crea: publisher designer
  • Ezequiel j Santos: Editing / DP